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“I Don’t See Your Name on the List”


(Editor’s Note: Happy New Year! Below is a small taste of 2014…) 




California is first in innovation, entertainment, technology, food safety, and environmental protection. But we trail the rest of the nation in voting.

I’m running for Secretary of State to change that, because our democracy is strongest when everyone participates, and the best progress is possible when all voices are heard.    Read more »



A Different Kind of Capitol Fundraiser

Of the at least 96 fundraisers scheduled during the final weeks of the legislative session, there’s one that only costs $250 instead of the usual $1,000-a-head.

And the money doesn’t pad some candidate’s campaign coffers.

The $250 buys college textbooks for foster kids.   

The event – 5 pm, Tuesday, August 27, Chicory Café, 11th and L Streets – benefits The John Burton Foundation for Children without Homes.    Read more »



Appreciate the Update, Alan


My first August district work period has been a great experience. This work period marks the end of my first 8 months in Congress — a whirlwind experience to say the least — and the beginning of a month-long stay back home in California, interacting directly with the citizens of the 47th District.    Read more »



Miguel Santiago Shows Over $214,000 Cash-on-Hand in Assembly Bid

(Editor’s Note: The above is the headline on a recently sent e-mail to Sacramento lobbyists by Santiago’s campaign.)

Miguel Santiago is running to succeed Assembly Speaker John Perez who employs Santiago as his district director. Nearly 59 percent of the registered voters in Perez’s 53rd Assembly District are Democrats like Perez and Santiago.    Read more »



In Fundraising, As Elsewhere, The More Things Change…

The line between felony and fundraising is plainly visible.

Public officials who vote or act in a certain way in return for a campaign contribution are guilty of  big time crime.

Yet California legislative history is littered with politicians and those who solicit contributions for them who have gone well outside the OB marker.      Read more »



First, “Pig-Roast-a-Palooza” and Now “Sausage Fest”

Apparently, pork really is the other white meat. At least when it comes to legislative fundraisers.

Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Los Angeles Democrat, just hosted “Pig-Roast-a-Palooza on June 18.

On July 2, the legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus holds its first fundraiser “celebrating freedom and equality.”

That would be “Sausage Fest 2013.”

The pig on the “Sausage Fest” invite is in better shape than the one on Lara’s invitation but, based on the event’s name, that’s merely the whole before the partitioned.     Read more »



How Much Pork Does $4,100 Buy?

Nothing remotely felonious about Sen. Ricardo Lara’s recent fundraising invitation, which can be seen in larger form by clicking the image to the left.

That said, the artwork on the Los Angeles Democrat’s solicitation might be a bit unappetizing to some.

But it’s certainly no crime to host a $1,000-a-head “Pig-Roast-a-Palooza.”

Unless potential gastrointestinal consequences are considered.    Read more »