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A Tale of Two State Capitols

Tennessee’s Capitol in Nashville  — one of only 11 state capitols that doesn’t have a dome* — was completed in 1859, more than one year before construction began on California’s Capitol on December 4, 1860.

The cornerstone of the Greek revival structure was laid on July 4, 1845. Dominating a hill along Charlotte Ave.    Read more »



More Acceptance Speeches Like This

I thank you kindly for this mark of your confidence. I hope I shall be able to meet your expectations but I fear that I will not for I bring with me to this position but little experience. To err I believe is the common lot; I cannot hope to escape it.    Read more »



The Case of the Stolen Overcoat

The California Assembly’s Indomitable John Quimby Had a Lion’s Build, a Cheery Wit and a Hound’s Tooth Coat He Didn’t Own

By James R. Mills

San Diego Magazine, December 1983 

“Hire the handicapped,” John Quimby used to say. “They’re fun to watch.”

Upon his arrival in Sacramento in 1962, John had become the most popular member of the State Assembly, partly because he carried on so cheerfully and indomitably in spite of his own handicap.    Read more »