California’s Capitol is a site dedicated to providing information about exactly what the name says.

There are posts about the Legislature, the state budget, ballot measures, politics, the economy, the governor, fundraising – and a little bit of history.

The goal is education, explanation and a bit of entertainment.

But, be forewarned, sometimes the content gets a bit eclectic, esoteric and edgy.

In more than 25 years of writing about the Capitol, state government and politics — first for legal newspapers then, for 19 years, the San Francisco Chronicle – there’s a perspective presented here that won’t be found many other places.

California’s Capitol dares to be boring. Changes in tax law, the intricacies of redevelopment, subventions, mandates and assessments of what legislation really does rather than how it’s pitched to the public will be found here with callous regularly.

Examples of hypocrisy and stupidity will always warrant coverage.

While most of the posts attempt to inform and represent both sides of an issue, there are times when the two qualities mentioned above are so overwhelming — either separately or in tandem — that some comment cannot be avoided. Find those screeds in “Opinionation.”

From time to time, the editor will offer an explanatory note in a news story. Those are always in parentheses and italics.

In addition, all the personnel of California’s Capitol share an appreciation for interesting and thought-provoking quotes — not necessarily uttered by lawmakers and statewide officials. Find those at “Overheard.”

And there’s writing on government and politics that appeared in other publications archived here as well.

Like newspapering, blogging is a collaborative process. Comment at will. The more people involved, the more fun. Correct mistakes. Suggest stories. Whisper tips. Spout off.

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The chief correspondent of California’s Capitol is Greg Lucas who has been writing about California politics and government since 1986.

Lucas levels his bipartisan wit at Republicans and Democrats and, not infrequently deservedly, at himself.

In more than a quarter century of reporting, Lucas has written more than 3,000 articles on everything from presidential politics to the introduction of prune burgers in school cafeterias.

He has written about gambling, transportation, health care, growth, education and nearly every DBI – “Dull But Important” – issue that has confronted, and continues to confront, California public policy makers.

His most challenging job, however, was ride operator on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Stanford University and a Masters degree in Professional Writing – as opposed to amateurish writing – from the University of Southern California. But academics has never stood in the way of his education.