Only in a Public Library

Leaning against the Biography shelves at a staff training day at Napa County Library next to my elbow, from left to right, were biographies of Dorothea Lange, Cyndi Lauper, T.E. Lawrence and Gypsy Rose Lee.    Read more »

Spotlight: Strawberries and Olives…

An Eye-Opening and Mouth-Watering Politics on Tap with Carolyn O’Donnell, Communications Director of the California Strawberry Commission and Dan Flynn, Executive Director of the UC Davis Olive Center    Read more »

Opinionation: The Name Game

Want a bridge or freeway named after you? Here’s the skinny. By Greg Lucas, Sacramento News & Review, February 20, 2014 

Bummer for James “Sunny Jim” Rolph. The charismatic mayor of San Francisco from 1912 to 1931, who died in office broke as California’s 27th governor, got his bridge taken away again.    Read more »