First, “Pig-Roast-a-Palooza” and Now “Sausage Fest”

Apparently, pork really is the other white meat. At least when it comes to legislative fundraisers.

Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Los Angeles Democrat, just hosted “Pig-Roast-a-Palooza on June 18.

On July 2, the legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus holds its first fundraiser “celebrating freedom and equality.”

That would be “Sausage Fest 2013.”

The pig on the “Sausage Fest” invite is in better shape than the one on Lara’s invitation but, based on the event’s name, that’s merely the whole before the partitioned. 

A “Wild Boar” sponsorship costs $6,800. A “Hot Link” $3,400 and a Bratwurst sponsorship, $1,000. 

Sausage Fest

Pork isn’t fenced by political lines.

Although the invitation is silent on the exact culinary offerings, it seems next to impossible that Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen’s Third Annual Hawaiian Luau won’t be serving pork — at least in some form.

The only details provided by the invitation to the  June 24 event — other than its time. location and  $4,100 price tag to be a sponsor — is that the menu will feature “authentic Hawaiian cuisine provided by Chef John Surla of Surla’s restaurant” in Modesto.

Traditionally, at a luau “authentic Hawaiian cuisine” includes pork — and lots of it. Most commonly, a whole pig roasted on coals in a hole for the better part of a day. Even venerable  Sunset‘s “lighter, finger-food” luau includes glazed pork buns with pineapple.

Saveuer recommends pork ribs marinated with soy sauce as  an alternative to a full-fledged carcass of kalua pork. Ribs or buns, it’s pork nonetheless.

So pass the cashiers check and the poi please, brah. 




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