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“Republican philosophy seems to guide high court’s conservative justices”

— Sacramento Bee, Forum Section

June 30, 2013    Read more »



Brown Signs Budget Three Days Before New Fiscal Year

At an 11 a.m. signing ceremony on June 27,  Gov. Jerry Brown signs California’s $145 billion budget for the fiscal year starting July 1. His press office says he’ll be joined by Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, a Sacramento Democrat,  and Assembly Speaker John Pérez, a Los Angeles Democrat. The  Budget Act of 2013 is AB 110.      Read more »




“Here lies a proof that wit can never be defense against mortality.”

 — Aphra Behn, 1640?  – 1689, on her tomb at Westminster Abbey    Read more »



Wouldn’t News Be If the Democratic Majority Assembly Voted it Down?

Assembly Passes Corbett Bill Protecting Struggling Homeowners, Borrowers

SB 426 Clarifies Status of Debts Following Foreclosure

SACRAMENTO – Legislation that strengthens existing deficiency protections for borrowers after losing their homes in foreclosures passed from the Assembly floor earlier today (June 24, 2013). 

Authored by Senate Majority Leader Ellen M. Corbett, a Hayward Democrat, SB 426 specifically prohibits deficiency collections and adverse credit reporting on non-recourse loans following a non-judicial foreclosure.     Read more »



In Fundraising, As Elsewhere, The More Things Change…

The line between felony and fundraising is plainly visible.

Public officials who vote or act in a certain way in return for a campaign contribution are guilty of  big time crime.

Yet California legislative history is littered with politicians and those who solicit contributions for them who have gone well outside the OB marker.      Read more »



Irony: Closed-Door Meeting to Discuss Disclosure of Public Documents

That’s what state senators did Thursday June 20 — held a 20-minute private meeting off the Senate floor to talk about a section of the mammoth budget, awaiting action by Gov. Jerry Brown, that media outlets complain imperils the state’s Public Records Act. (It doesn’t.)

The act requires timely disclosure of documents requested by the media or members of the public.    Read more »



“A Final, Crushing Defeat”

June 18, 1815 literally was Napoleon Bonaparte’s Waterloo.

His last ditch effort to defeat the British and the Prussians, after losing to the British and being exiled on the island of Elba, became his final defeat.

After a three-day battle near Waterloo Village in Belgium, the emperor’s strategy of splitting his army to attack both the British and Prussians failed to divide them, allowing them to converge on Napoleon and defeat him..    Read more »



First, “Pig-Roast-a-Palooza” and Now “Sausage Fest”

Apparently, pork really is the other white meat. At least when it comes to legislative fundraisers.

Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Los Angeles Democrat, just hosted “Pig-Roast-a-Palooza on June 18.

On July 2, the legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus holds its first fundraiser “celebrating freedom and equality.”

That would be “Sausage Fest 2013.”

The pig on the “Sausage Fest” invite is in better shape than the one on Lara’s invitation but, based on the event’s name, that’s merely the whole before the partitioned.     Read more »