News from the Republican National Convention By Ashley Gsell and Michelle Dionicio

(Editor’s Note: These posts come in response to a weekend email containing a series of lame questions from the know-nothing editor. These were the questions: How was your Saturday and Sunday? What did you do? Do Youth Delegates get VIP treatment? How is Hurricane Gustav affecting the convention program? What’s the buzz on Gov. Palin? Did you go to the Tiki BBQ event last night? It looked like it could be real cool or real lame. Funny hats? Funny comments? Funny buttons? Funny moments?)

Ashley writes:

Wonderful! Looks like I’ll be blogging from my blackberry!

Saturday was very busy. We have been helping the many delegates, alternates, and guests that have been registering for their credentials and goody bags. We work as staff all day but we do get alternate delegate seating!

Last night — after a long day — we got to go to the Tiki Party. Everyone registered was invited. There was a huge roasted pig and tons of other fish treats. It was held at Lake Minnetonka. We arrived late and caught the last boat ride around the lake: Beautiful view. It’s splendid out here, the weather is in the 70’s with a slight breeze — and so much greenery!!

Today we did the same as yesterday, we continued to register delegates. A lot of press came trying to get their hands on the bags to see what was inside of them but they didn’t receive any. (Editor’s Note: Typical swarming vermin media trying to stick their nose into everything.)

The guests seem very pleased with the bags. One delegate almost began to cry after seeing the pin keepsake for the event!

Everyone seems to be very worried about the hurricane. We know there is a chance that many speakers may not be able to come and we may even have to postpone some events. However, people don’t seem to mind too terribly. They know McCain’s doing the right thing and are proud.

I am e-mailing from the bus ride home. I just left the 2008 delegation Welcome Party in downtown Minneapolis, a very awesome event. It had replicas of the White House, the Oval Offices for each president, the dresses of the First Ladies through history, FDR’s presidential limousine and a lot more we didn’t have time to see!


Michelle writes:
Saturday we we went to the welcome party its was fun to meet everyone …
It was a beach/tiki party.
Today, Sunday, we helped out with the registration. I went to” RNC 2008 Delegate Party.” It was fun. We got  to see a lot of interesting things, got free stuff and bought buttons and pins. There were a lot of historic  things to see and read about.
The hurricane did cause worry but its fine now. We’re moving along well with everything.
The choice of Gov. Palin is good. That’s what everyone that I have talked to so far says. She is perfect for VP.  She can connect with real people. If you read and hear information on her she is just a regular hockey mom in Alaska. She has a positive mind set and I love it.
There were funny hats, yes. And buttons too.  

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