Embedded Journalists At the GOP Convention

(Editor’s Note: CC is very pleased to announce that it has at current count four correspondents covering the Republican National Convention. Through the help of Charles Moran, who has handling press matters for the California Delegation, three of California’s Youth Delegates have agreed to share their experiences in the Twin Cities. They are Grace Malaihollo, Ashley Gsell and Michelle Dionicio. They offer some biographical information below.

In addition, CC will also be graced by the wit and charm of Julie Soderlund, formerly of Governor Schwarzenegger’s press office and now a PR maven with Wilson Miller Communications in Sacramento. If there are interesting tidbits to be found, Julie will find them.

As with CC’s two correspondents in Denver, the only rule is to have fun. As a shallow, know-nothing editor, funny hats, odd-looking conventioneers, witty buttons, vicious malaprops are major boat-floaters. But what’s most interesting will be  the correspondents’ impressions of the convention.)

My name is Grace Malaihollo. Blogging sounds fun!
I live in Corona and I just graduated from Orange High School. I currently attend Rancho Santiago Canyon Community College. I was interested in going to the Republican Convention because I like John McCain. Haha. I do but a bigger reason is as I grow older I want to have a part in our society. Going to the Republican Convention will teach me new things and let me actually expierence history in the making. How many 18 year olds can say they went to the Republican Convention? Not many.
Ashley Gsell: I will be attending many official CA delegation events and will e-mail you next time I have Wi-Fi access! I am a 18 year old full-time student attending Santiago Canyon College in Orange County, California. I try to get as involved as I can in my community and take an immense interest in current events. I am studying and shooting for a transfer to a four year college and receive my bachelors in Poly Sci or Public Policies. I hope someday to further my involvement in politics and work to raise the standard of living for people as well as protect the rights we’re all entitled to. I was interested in being a delegate because, not only is this an amazing opportunity, I can get a hands-on experience on what I hope someday to be a big part of.
My  name is Michelle Dionicio. I am 18 years old. I live in Orange California and attend Santiago Canyon College. I just graduated from Orange High School. I am excited  to be a  youth delegate. This opportunity that was given to me is amazing and I’mexcited to experience the convention in person and not just watch it on TV. I’ll be writhing to you. Thanks.

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  1. Greg: Don\’t take your imbeds there, but a great strip club there in Minneapolis: Augie\’s. I\’m stickin\’ with the Dem team, Sanford and Son. Palin could be McCain\’s youngest daughter. When John\’s not busy, she can show him reruns of Northern Exposure and grill a moose steak. The antlers and the bear hide will be a nice touch in the Oval. Say hello to my old friend, Ron Paul.

    Comment by Gus Turdlock — 9.02.2008 @ 7:55 am

  2. I was there!

    Comment by Brainerd Minnesota — 8.14.2009 @ 7:15 pm

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