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I am e-mailing just having left the Lafayette Club at Minnetonka Beach. It was absolutely beautiful. There was warm rain outside but we were welcomed with a generous buffet and magnificent service. I also got the wonderful opportunity to hear Dr. Frank Luntz speak but I missed the second speech because I was in line for Dr. Luntz’s book.

Yesterday was Session One of the RNC. The bus took 1 1/2 hours for what’s normally a 20 minute drive. (Editor’s Note: That’s one thing both conventions have in common besides lots of parties.)

Apparently the delay was caused by Secret Service agents trying to get us away from protesters. The Florida Delegation, I think, was the bus that got vandalized. Today, the people seemed a bit worried but the transportation staff encouraged everyone that enough detours will be taken so they will remain safe no matter what. 

Session One was short but wonderful. Cindy McCain and Laura Bush spoke about the fund raising opportunities we all could get involved with. Other than that, it was strictly business — as promised!

Yesterday was also the day people found out about Gov. Palin’s daughter. There were a lot of reporters interviewing the delegates’ reactions. I think the details of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy is causing a lot of controversy but that doesn’t seem to affect the Republican Party’s thoughts!

Everyone seems in high hopes and with even more confidence than before. I think that this will in more ways help McCain than hurt him because people are relating to the running mate even more and look to it as inspiring.

Session Two transportation is taking place in one hour and we’re almost to the hotel, I will e-mail some of the pictures from the trip so far!

(Editor’s Note: Who says know-nothing editors can’t learn new tricks. Here are some of Ashley’s photos.)

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