Slow Out of the Blocks

The Assembly Daily File printed before it went on vacation March 22, shows 14 policy committees scheduled to meet the week of April 1.

There are 176 bills calendared of which 82 were eligible to be heard before spring break.

Half of those committees are adopting their rules, an annual action required before approving or torpedoing any legislation.    Read more »



Of Small and Large…


“If you let yourself be undisciplined on the small things, you will probably be undisciplined on the large things as well.”

–Warren Buffett    Read more »



“Quality Verse”

(From the Sacramento News & Review, March 21, 2013)

If CEQA stood for “Challenge Everything, Question Authority” instead of California Environmental Quality Act, there probably wouldn’t be all this political drama. CEQA would be celebrated. Like YOLO. The Lonely Island might even follow up its “YOLO” tune with a CEQA number:

Don’t take no guff or calcified static.    Read more »



“Legislature of 1,000 Drinks”

California’s first legislative session in 1849 has become known as “the Legislature of 1,ooo Drinks, thanks to the famous sh0uted urgings of Sen. Thomas Jefferson Green, a Texas transplant, who upon recess would say:

“Well boys, let’s go and take a drink, 1,000 drinks.”

Sen. Thomas Jefferson Green

History is silent as to how close his colleagues got to goal set by Green, who carried the bill creating the University of California.    Read more »



On March 21, Say Thanks to California Strawberries — And Baguettes

March 21 is National California Strawberry Day.

Not National Strawberry Day – that’s February 27.

Nor is it National Strawberry Shortcake Day. That’s June 14.

National Strawberry Picking Day looms closer on the horizon. It’s May 20.

July 7 is National Strawberry Sundae Day.

The nation celebrates strawberry parfait on June 25.    Read more »



Don’t Forget to Wish Willie Brown a Happy 79th Birthday

March 20 is the former Mayor of San Francisco and Assembly Speaker’s birthday. It’s also the birthday of Ozzie Nelson, Carl Reiner, Ray Goulding of “Bob & Ray” fame and Mr. Rogers, one of Brown’s mentors in keeping the Assembly’s membership and San Francisco Board of Supervisors in order. 

Brown talks about his life in some depth in this Academy of Achievement interview from 1996.    Read more »



Ask About the Jellyfish

It’s bound to happen, just given the odds. This year’s class of legislative freshmen is the largest since 1966 when the Supreme Court’s one-man, one-vote ruling changed how state lawmakers were elected. One-third of the 120 members of the Legislature are new.

Given that volume – and California’s unique diversity – there must be some legislators with interesting backgrounds.    Read more »


Still Shown in Classrooms 35 Years After Its Creation

Still Shown in Classrooms 35 Years After Its Creation

“Powers of Ten” examines the size of the inner and outer universe. This amazing film was created by Charles and Ray Eames, two of the most influential designers of the last half of the 2oth Century. They are being inducted March 20, 2013 into the California Museum Hall of Fame. The couple, married for 37 years, created iconic chairs and furniture, toys, multi-media presentations and museum exhibits, like the famous “Mathematica: A World of Numbers … And Beyond,” on display at the California Museum of Science and Industry for decades.      Read more »



February Revenues 8% Below Estimates, Year-to-Date Still $4.8 Billion Above Expectations

Cash received by the state  in February was $322 million below the $3.9 billion expected in Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan, released in January, according to the Department of Finance’s March Bulletin..

Since the fiscal year began on July 1, revenues are $4.8 billion above the forecast of $54 billion.

During February, personal income tax revenues were off the most, $429 million below the month’s forecast of $2.1 billion.    Read more »



State Board Calls for No Sales Tax on Pet Meds

California pet and animal owners wouldn’t pay sales tax on medicines purchased from a local veterinarian under legislation proposed by the state Board of Equalization. 

The proposal recognizes the reality that many of California’s estimated 18 million pet owners search the Internet to avoid paying sales tax on medications prescribed by a veterinarian.    Read more »