Slow Out of the Blocks

The Assembly Daily File printed before it went on vacation March 22, shows 14 policy committees scheduled to meet the week of April 1.

There are 176 bills calendared of which 82 were eligible to be heard before spring break.

Half of those committees are adopting their rules, an annual action required before approving or torpedoing any legislation.

The Senate’s Daily file reports 11 committees – seven of which are adopting rules — are slated to hear 103 bills. Forty of the 103 bills were eligible for a vote before spring recess. 



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  1. Should the California Assembly, and Senate, ever decide to actually do the job they are sworn to do, that being legislate in the best interests of the people of California , they could begins by adopting a “new rule” limiting each member to the introduction of NO MORE than five pieces of legislation each year. NO MORE. A review of the volumes of legislation introduced each year confirms the absurdity of the current practices and the need of some reform. Too much self interest going on and not enough REAL work FOR THE PEOPLE. Sitting through any Committee hearing will prove to any in doubt that our esteemed legislators are not exactly “engaged” in the current process of shoveling through reams of legislation. Too many treat hearings like just one long coffee break.

    Comment by Sambolina — 3.29.2013 @ 7:57 am

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