Given the Voter Registration, This Is Probably a Good Thing

Roger(Editor’s Note: According to one of the Sacramento lobbyists for the Service Employees International Union, approximately 40 percent of its state employee members are registered Republican,  just as Roger Niello is.

Niello, one of three Republicans vying to fill the 1st Senate seat left vacant by the July death of Dave Cox, might also get a favorable nod from the other 60 percent of the union’s state employee members who are Democrat or decline-to-state — assuming the allegation in the mailer is true and assuming SEIU’s members vote with their pocketbooks.

In special elections, like the one to fill the 1st Senate seat vacancy, voters can cast ballots for any candidate regardless of party affiliation although only the top Democratic vote-getter and the top GOP voter-getter advance to the run-off. Given the distrct’s heavy Republican registration, the winner in the run-off will be GOP winner of the primary on November 2. .

Niello said in an interview he is attempting to woo Democrats and decline-to-state voters. )


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