A Brief Look at the Depth of the Pledges Made By Candidates

Here is a pitch from an Assembly candidate on why voters should elect him:

“I’ll focus on creating jobs and thoughtfully controlling spending and I’ll work to fix education — so all children have an opportunity to realize their dreams.”

Inside  the mailer, voters learn that the candidate will “support small businesses and create jobs, improve our children’s education, protect public health and safety, make the Legislature accountable to us.”

And additionally “fight against the status quo and business as usual in the Capitol” and “strengthen the local economy.”

Are there candidates of any party who pledge to focus on eliminating jobs, spend recklessly and continue public edcation’s downward spiral?

Are there candidates who wish to endanger public health and safety, make the Legislature unaccountable, bask in the glory of the status quo and business-as-usual while weakening the local economy?

Pity. That would be a lively debate.

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  1. No, they don’t pledge that, it’s just what they do.

    Comment by Mike — 10.19.2010 @ 5:38 am

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