Lawmakers Try to Increase Their Income Streams, Not State’s

February 23 and February 24 is set the 2010 record for fundraisers with 26 – 11 on the 23rd and 15 on the 24th.

Of the 11, there is one dinner, two lunches, seven cocktail receptions and, for $2,000, a luxury suite to watch the Sacramento Kings play the Detroit Pistons with Assemblyman Steve Knight, a Lancaster Republican.

Sen. Tom Harmon, an Orange Republican and candidate for Attorney General, offers a “Mediterranean gourmet dinner” for $1,500 in support of his candidacy. Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, a Biggs Republican, offers cocktails at the Cosmo Café for the same price.

Out-of-stater Danny Tarkanian, a candidate for a Nevada U.S. Senate seat, hobbled in by federal campaign law, seeks $250 to join him for cocktails at Mix downtown, a Sacramento bar.

Candidate for the 5th Assembly District, Dr. Richard Pan — “Democrat for a Healthy Change” according to his website – offers the only event without an admission charge. He hosts a “meet and greet” in the lofts above Ella Restaurant.

On February 24, there are nine lunches, five cocktail receptions and one breakfast.

GOP Senators Bob Huff of Glendora and Roger Niello of Sacramento ask $1,500 for cocktails and lunch, respectively.

Assemblyman Joel Anderson, a La Mesa Republican, also wants $1,500 but offers sushi – presumably at his reception at Mikuni.

The remainder of the events charge $1,000. Attending all events would cost $16,800.

Volume tapers off sharply on February 25. There is one breakfast and one lunch fundraiser.

Legislators leave for their districts Thursday after floor session ends, usually around noon.


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  1. It’s Harman, not Harmon.

    Comment by David — 2.23.2010 @ 5:08 pm

  2. I am concerned, I don’t believe that there can be that many fresh markets in a cow town like Sacramento. These poor lobbyists aren’t being feed properly. They are the victims, greedy people feeding off the plight of those in need.(votes)

    Comment by Julia Child — 2.23.2010 @ 6:33 pm

  3. I can’t believe we just keep lining the pockets of lawmakers and government and exempting them from paying the exact taxes we do. And I really find it hard to believe that lawmaker Ohio said she “did not know enough about the law to speak on it”. Are you kidding me? That’s like me saying I’m a chef and don’t know enough about cooking to speak about it. Give me a break.

    Comment by m3 ds real — 2.24.2010 @ 2:20 am

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