Headline: Three Universities Seek Tuition Hikes of 16-31%

Not really news given the steep increases already imposed by the California State University system and the University of California.

Except these increases aren’t for California public higher education students, they’re for at least 130,000 public higher education students in Arizona.

The Arizona Republic reported recently that because of state budget gets and “an uncertain economy,”

Regents of the University of Arizona will vote in March on a 31 percent tuition increase – very close to the 32 percent increase approved by University of California regents in December – that would boost tuition by $2,130 to $8,972.

For future students, Arizona State University seeks a 19 percent increase of $1,286 for total tuition of $8,126.  Current students would see hikes of 14 percent.

A 16 percent increase is proposed for incoming students at Northern Arizona University, raising tuition to $7,667. The university pledges to hold tuition at that new higher level for at least eight semesters.

Public hearings begin March 1 on the proposals which need the approval of the 12-member Board of Regents that make final decisions about the three universities.

Like UC and the California State University system, which both received $1 billion cuts in the state’s current fiscal year, the Arizona universities have fallen victim to the Grand Canyon state’s tough budget situation.

Receiving $1 billion from the state in 2008, the Arizona universities were cut $190 in 2009 and $231 million this year.

In 2009, California State University raised tuition by 10 percent for the third consecutive year.  

During the same year, the University of California raised rates by 9.3 percent, more than doubling costs for a UC education during the last decade. The UC Board of Regents backed a 32 percent increase in December for next year.

Like their Arizona counterparts, California’s public higher education systems say the increases are necessary because of deep cuts imposed on them by the Legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as they grapple with ongoing multi-billion dollar budget gaps.

Whether a student in Arizona, California or elsewhere, fees and tuition are just a part of college costs. There’s room and board for on-campus students, living expenses, textbooks and other supplies.

It is estimated by californiacolleges.edu that a CSU student living on campus during the current school year pays $4,827 in tuition and fees but a total of $19,576 counting other expenses.

A UC student this year living on campus pays $9,285 in tuition and fees – up 32 percent next fall – but a total of almost $27,000.


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  1. This tuition hike led the student to be out in a rally. They voice-out their concern along with their co-students, lecturers, parents and alumni. The percentage the school is asking is too high and not all students could afford it.

    Comment by Essays — 5.28.2010 @ 4:30 am

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