Yet Another Campaign Message from Tom Campbell

 Dear Friend, 

You might have seen the following piece that appeared on the front page of the San Jose Mercury-News over the weekend.

The article goes beyond the campaign hype to outline a path to victory in the GOP primary. It notes that I’m leading according to the latest independent survey of the race. Here are some quick excerpts:

“But, most political experts are quick to say, history also says the 56-year-old Campbell could win — particularly since the GOP primary is shaping up to be a three-way, all-Silicon-Valley contest between candidates of similar political views.

All define themselves as social moderates and fiscal conservatives: pro-choice, pro-education reform and unabashedly pro-business, pro-educationreform and unabashedly pro-business.

Political scientists point out that three-way races are fraught with peril but also opportunity for underfunded candidates. In particular, they point to the 1998 Democratic primary, in which airline mogul Al Checchi and U.S. Rep Jane Harman of Southern California freely spent their personal fortunes only to see low-key Lt. Governor Gray Davis emerge victorious.

‘As Checchi and Harman were tearing each other down, Davis snuck right through the middle,’ Schnur said.

One possible scenario that would work in Campbell’s favor goes something like this:

The political views of Whitman and Poizner are not widely known. So they may be tempted to inch further and further to the political right to capture as many hard-core conservatives as possible. In doing so, however, they’ll risk alienating the increasingly large number of independents who will be able to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary.

‘Campbell’s hope is that he stands out as the voice of reason as the other two bicker,’ said Larry Gerston, a political-science professor at San Jose State University.”

“Campbell, who was Schwarzenegger’s finance director in 2004-05, also has employed a potentially risky strategy by outlining on his Web site (www.campbell.org) exactly how he’d close the state’s $24 billion deficit.”

“Because he has a doctorate in economics and was formerly dean of Haas, ‘Campbell has got one great advantage: He actually knows what he’s talking about,’ said John Pitney, a professor of politics and government at Claremont McKenna College.”


There have been many other favorable news reports and columns recently, up and down the state — from major newspapers to non-partisan bloggers. I’m getting good words for being “gutsy,” for proposals that “set a standard for the level of discussion we need about the state’s condition and its future today,” and for being possibly “the best governor the state could have right now.”

I had hoped just to be in the mix by now; it’s really remarkable that I’m actually leading in the GOP primary! Can you help me now — with the fundraising reporting period ending on June 30th?

With kind regards,

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