A Father’s Day Missive from Diane DeVore, Wife of Assemblyman Chuck DeVore

Subject: My Father’s Day Wish for Chuck

When Chuck and I married 21 years ago, we knew our life together would be intense.  When we met, Chuck was working for Ronald Reagan as a civilian appointee in the Pentagon and was an officer in the Army Reserve.  We understood Chuck’s passion for public service would lead to times of personal sacrifice.

When our first child, Jennie, was born in 1991, it was right after the Gulf War.  Thankfully, Chuck was activated for only three months, where he worked in the desert at the Army’s National Training Center – we were able to see each other a couple of times a month.

For the next 13 years, Chuck worked hard in the aerospace industry, often living on the road to work for his clients.  Before our girls got to school age, we would follow along, living for weeks at a time in hotels or apartments far from home.  Even then, Chuck would have to fly back to his unit armory at least once a month to drill with the Army National Guard – often with tanks out in the desert. Sometimes when I’d see him again on Monday, it looked like he needed a rest from his weekend drill.  With demands at work and in the Army, I remember stretches of weeks before he got a day off. 

When Chuck ran for State Assembly in 2004, I thought I knew what was in store – he would spend at least four days a week in session in Sacramento and the girls and I would do what we could to spend a few weeks at a time with him in his tiny apartment in an 80-year-old building across the street from the Capitol.  In fact, this was a large part of the reason why we decided to homeschool our daughters so they could see more of Dad.  Packing up and heading to Sacramento was somewhat fun – almost like camping out in Chuck’s rustic apartment – with the two hide-a-bed couches, the cranky steam radiator heat and, the dog and the chinchilla along for adventure as well.  The tough part came to be the understanding that political life never stops.  Chuck is always working on something, raising money, campaigning, writing bills, talking to the press – and getting attacked by his political opponents. 

Being on the receiving end of a political attack isn’t fun.  I always wondered at how Chuck could stay so calm when people were calling him names, he always says, “Honey, if you’re not being shot at, you’re not in the fight.”  But, I always get indignant on his behalf anyway, and so do the girls – Chuck’s critics don’t know the man I know, love, and married – the man who loves God, America, and his family.

Last Sunday, Chuck was in the car nine hours as he drove up to San Luis Obispo to give a speech.  This Sunday, Father’s Day, we’re going to church, then, I suspect Chuck will mow the lawn and do campaign paperwork – then, we’re all going to see the Angels play the Dodgers this afternoon.  Chuck has to wake up at 4 AM tomorrow to go on WTNT radio in Washington, D.C. with Melanie Morgan at 4:45 AM – uggh, just like the Army – then fly back up to Sacramento to vote against all the new taxes the Democrats are pushing.

As Chuck’s friend and supporter, as someone who wants to see Chuck in a better position to serve America, the best Father’s Day gift you could give us would be your prayers and support – financial support.  Chuck is constantly working to raise the money he needs to challenge Barbara Boxer.  Your contribution would be a wonderful gift.  Chuck runs an efficient, frugal campaign, every dollar makes a difference.  We need at least $500 every day to run our campaign effectively.  Chuck has now made over 95 appearances around California to almost 15,000 people.  He’s sent out more than 250,000 pieces of mail.  And more than 6,000 people have responded by contributing. 

Please help – your contribution and an Angels’ victory tonight would give Chuck a Father’s Day to remember.


 Even $75 or $50 would be a big assistance ($75 pays for two days of a rental car; $50 pays for the gas on one of Chuck’s marathon campaign days) 

com/v/?u=c3cb25ecc99f4a9c521e6c3a57b43ccf&g=116&c=2667&p=18731b19f42fede2785acf4911f81d57&t=1> .

Thank you for your support.

Diane DeVore
Irvine, California

P.S. There are only 9 days remaining before the next quarterly Federal Election Commission reporting period.  We need to raise another $8,000 online to reach our goals.  Your donation today will be a big boost to our efforts.  

Chuck DeVore
California State Assemblyman
Candidate for United States Senate, 2010
www.ChuckDeVore.com com/v/?u=9e03a8baa1e7e261b83e044de7ef3e83&g=116&c=2667&p=18731b19f42fede2785acf4911f81d57&t=1> 
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