Republican National Convention Coverage By Grace Malaihollo

I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging, I just got my Internet on in my room. But OMG! Where do I begin?
This week has been crazy, adventurous, wonderful and busy. Haha.
Monday night we went to the Medtronic Party and it was amazing. We were also invited to the Hispanics rfor McCain reception at a nearby club which featured a Daddy Yankee Concert. (Editor’s Note: See Ashley Gsell’s earlier post for a photo of Daddy Yankee doing their thing.)
Since we were youth delegates we had access to all the VIP spots and suites. It was so much fun –especially since we we’ve been volunteering all weekend and week. So it felt nice to have fun.
On Tuesday, we heard a lot of great speakers at the convention and we got to sit on the floor which was a great experience. It was funny because I constantly got text messages saying that I was on TV.  Haha. Afterwards, we were still tired from the night before but we went straight to another CA Delegation party after the convention. Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, gave a speech.
As for today, (Wednesday Sept. 3) WOW, where do I begin?
To start off the morning, at breakfast we had many great speakers. We had Sidney McCAin, Sen. McCain’s daughter, gave a short speech. We also had Gov. Camacho from Guam speak. He gave  such a wonderful speech. He was trying to encourage all the Pacific Islanders, which I am, so I just loved it. He was talking about how he was going to get out and try to get in touch with as many Pacific Islanders as he could and get us to vote for McCain. As he was leaving, he stopped and talked to me and took a pic with me. I felt so honored. Haha.
Then we went to The Mall of America. AHHH! So much FUN!!!!! It was amazing.
Now to the convention, WOW! Palin’s speech was great, Michael Steel’s was great, and basically so were all the guest speakers. Then at the end of Palin’s speech, McCain came out. AHH! AMAZING!!  Then as we were coming out of the restrooms Michael Steel was getting interviewed. We went up to him and I told him how we were youth delegates and he was so happy. He took sooo many pictures with us. lol. 

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