Julie Soderlund from the Republican National Convention

Ron Paul…
The adventure really started in Sacramento when the good people at Northwest Airlines seemed to think that seating me next to a woman in a Ron Paul t-shirt, short shorts and a big hat was a good idea. Or, if nothing else, an amusing social experiment. 

She was headed to Minneapolis too, but not for the same reason I am here. As it turns out, Ron Paul’s delegates are having a confab of their own at the Target Convention Center. My row-mate had never been very politically active but when Ron Paul came on the scene she saw someone “talking about the constitution for the first time” and got very excited about his candidacy. She reported that the Ron Paul delegates all connected with each other through social networking sites and this woman was thrilled about meeting the other Ron Paul disciples from across the country.  

There seem to be a good number of these folks in Minneapolis this week, I keep seeing them every time I leave my hotel and when I come back. 

Sparking Pins and Chick Power…
What Republican Convention blogging would be complete without some attention to the various accessories delegates seem to love to wear?

My first day here, a friend of mine in the California Delegation told me about a group of ladies walking around with rhinestone “54” pins on their lapels. Now, these are the kind of ladies you would normally expect to be wearing a sparkling elephant or an American Flag. So, my friend was compelled to ask what was up with the “54.” Turns out that’s the prediction on the percentage of the votes that will be cast by women in November.  I am no feminist, but that is a statistic that just makes me smile. 

More later on “fashion”…

Minnesota Nice
It just has to be said that the people in Minnesota are so freakin’ nice it is almost scary. In fact I learned last night that there is actually a term for this called “Minnesota Nice.” (Editor’s Note: Apt.) Literally everyone is helpful and friendly if not a bit chatty. A stark contrast to the New Yorkers at the last convention — to say the least.  


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