Obama’s Speech By David Kaufman

Tonight I went to a football field to see an once in a life time event. 

Not to see John Elway win a Super-bowl or some amazing concert — although there were plenty of those during the convention — or some other event that you would suspect to be held in a football stadium. 

Instead, I saw history. I saw 75,000 people join as one to support a man for president, a politician that just so happens to be black. Not the other way around. 

We were told that we have nothing to be afraid of, that our government was not going to stand quietly by as our economy crumbled and as our nation was destroyed from the inside out and as the world mocked us and passed us by.

For once I believed it.

I know i’m just an idealistic teenager and this man can’t possibly follow through with all his promises — HE’s A POLITICIAN FOR GOD’S SAKE — and he’s running for president so not only must he be full of $%^& but it means there’s no doubt he’s just saying what the pollster’s say will get him elected. 

I know that has been the story since way before my time. Until now. Not this time.

From the beginning, people have been saying he’s all just words, all talk. He DOESN’T have EXPERIENCE. HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY REAL PLANS.

But before a crowd of 75,000 and millions, if not billions, of people across the world glued to there televisions, as I had the luck to have my eyes glued to Obama, he showed the world that he has amazing plans for needed changes in Washington — even if my mom might not like all of them — changes for our country and changes for the WORLD. (Even if they were brief explanations, they felt like so much more.)

He proved to the world, not just the American people, that he was up to the challenge and, most importantly, that he can stand up to McCain without slander and without the nasty words that politics has been known by for too long. Even if my mom is AMAZING at doing it!  (Editor’s Note: Easy, killer.)

Obama proved to my grandfather — someone I had many arguments with about Hillary and Obama — that he could get elected, that he is tough enough and that he won’t get blown apart by the Republicans.  Tonight, (August 28)  my grandfather told me he feels Obama is a better choice for president then Hillary!  I was blown away and that made it clear to me that I wasn’t the only person who thought the speech was truly powerful.  

We’re going home tommorow. Even if we weren’t, nothing can ever top tonight.

See Ya Soon!
David Kaufman
(Editor’s Postsricpt: Thanks, David. Appreciate you sharing the convention with us — CC. Again, bummer about Kanye. Best to keep the fake ID handy at all times. xoxox)

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  1. i liked when you said the bad words! hahahahahah

    Comment by karens daughter — 8.29.2008 @ 10:15 am

  2. Thanks for great blogging. Sorry about Kanye West.

    BTW, there is nothing wrong about being a idealistic teenager (or adult). We could use more of them.

    Comment by Rachel Richman — 8.29.2008 @ 1:15 pm

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