Democratic Convention Coverage By Frances Barbour

I am about to go over to see Barack Obama’s speech.  
I think that Hillary Clinton gave a really good speech.  My mom and I agree that if she had done that kind of speech while she was running, she could have won.  She had one chance to make a good speech at this convention and if she ruined it, then Barack Obama’s chances to win would have been hurt.  I think she gave Barack Obama a lot of compliments and helped his candidacy. 
When Hillary spoke, Bill Clinton for sure cried and Mrs. Obama almost cried. For sure my mom cried.  It was really heart-warming when Hillary said a little boy came up to her and said his mom was making minimum wage and he didn’t know what would happen next.  Hillary said she would always remember that little boy.  
 ”No way. No how. No McCain.” — Hillary Rodham Clinton
So far on this trip, we’ve seen a lady wearing a banana hat with sparkles and pins.  We saw another lady in the bathroom who had a dummy on her shoulder dressed like Uncle Sam.  We also saw a lady dressed in a Statue of Liberty outfit. 
I also heard Sen. Joe Biden’s talk.  I didn’t really understand it and can’t remember very much about it. (Editor’s Note: That’s two of us.) 
Today, I saw Sen. Biden and his wife in a small room with about 100 people.  He talked about how serious this election is and how it is not funny to him. 
After we saw Sen. Biden speak, we went to a documentary about Obama.  It was about the Iowa caucus and the process of how the votes were cast.  It showed how some of the workers were really poor and how much they believed Obama was really going to win.  
After that, we took a bike to our hotel. There were police, people and crowds standing outside of the Westin Hotel (Barack Obama stays there).  He was coming out of the hotel. We could not see much but we saw vans and heard people screaming. We guessed he was going to Mile High Stadium for his speech tonight!  
Write to ya later,
P.S. The pedometer says 34,399 steps. 

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  1. Hi Frances,

    It’s been very exciting reading your blogs about the DNC. You’re doing a terrific job writing not only about the main events and your impressions but also about your people watching moments.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experiences. See you at school on Tuesday.

    Comment by Deborah Dodd — 8.28.2008 @ 5:51 pm

  2. frances i love your blogs !they are very interesting!

    Comment by jeff barbour — 9.03.2008 @ 3:13 pm

  3. frances- luv ur blogs!!-

    Comment by frances — 6.23.2009 @ 8:10 pm

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