David Kaufman from the Democratic National Convention

Man yesterday was crazy!

After the California breakfast we just hung out for a while until we ( I can’t reveal how) got delegate passes for the convention.  God that was awesome.  When we got them we ran to the convention for roll call only to find out California HAD PASSED! 

The youngest delagate in convention history was still able to say aye to Obama’s nomination and it was an amazing experience. 

While on the floor you could see everthing!  From Donna Brazil and Wolf for CNN to Katie and other newscasters that you only see on TV (well duh but it was still awesome). And I havent even brought up all the politicians.  The beginNing speeches were all pretty dry and boring until Bill Clinton made what I thought was one of the better speeches ever.  He just hit it out of the park. 

Then, as you know, there were some transition speakers and then Kerry who I thought did awfully good and hit McCain pretty well.  

Right before Biden went on I got a call that if I wanted to go to a Kanye West concert — which even the Honorable Willie Brown could not get tickets to — I had to go meet some friends of ours in the main lobby PRONTO! So I ran and met them and listened to the Biden speech in the car, which I thought was good but, after Clinton, nothing too special.

When we finally got to the place where the concert was being held, we found out it was in a nightclub.  We got in line and we were very excited until we were told to get our IDs ready along with our credentials. Sadly, I didn’t bring my fake ID for this trip and when we were told we had to be 21 we had to leave this amazing concert! (Editor’s Note: Brutal!)

Today is the big day and it should be good if we can figure out the tickets, which it seems is just completely *&^%ed UP!  Gotta go watch (Los Angeles Mayor) Antonio (Villaraigosa) and (San Francisco Mayor) Gavin (Newsom) speak.

Blog ya later

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