Another Embedded Journalist at the Convention

(Editor’s Note: As further evidence of CC’s darn near sycophantic commitment to its readers — and, of course, in the interest of gender equity — we’ve added yet another embedded journalist at the Democratic National Convention. And, because of CC’s slavish devotion to fair and balanced reporting, negotiations are afoot to engage at least one correspondent for the Republican National Convention next week. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Below is the first communique from David Kaufman, a 16-year-old  junior at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento.  His mother Gale is a political consultant and she says she hasn’t been to a convention since she was 17 which wasn’t all that long ago so its sort of puzzling as to why she brought it up in the first place. In typical know-nothing editor fashion, inquiries were made about funny hats and funny looking people. Hence David’s first sentence.)

We got in late last night and so far no crazy people — and no crazy hats! I know, I was very disappointed also.  Although a man tried to sell me a light up button that bore some resemblance to a cannabis leaf.  We didn’t get to see the Hillary speech but it seems from what I’ve heard the Hillary supporters thought it was amazing and the Obama supporters thought that she got done what needed to be done. Nothing more nothing less. 

Most of the press people have been focusing on unity and from what I’ve seen the Hillary people will vote for Obama but begrudgingly and not with half the excitement that true Obama supporters have. 


As for Biden, the general consensus is that he is a good pick, he’ll help Obama in Pennsylvania and with foreign policy. And he won’t scare people the way Obama has.  I’m still bitter that Obama didn’t pick one of the more progressive or younger guys but I’m starting to buy into Biden and supposedly his speech will be good. I’ll see tonight. 

So far I’ve seen Kerry and Boxer speak, and I’ve seen Charlie Rangle, and Gray Davis walking around the hotel.

  I hope to see more and I have a feeling I will.

I haven’t seen many protesters but as I walked to my room I saw some starting to assemble around downtown so it should be an interesting day. 

I’ll try to keep you updated but tonight will be busy especially after the convention, were supposedly going to go to a rock party and then one with Kanye West.



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  1. “Gray Skies” Davis walking around the hotel. How novel. David, did you notice during Hillary’s speech that Homeland Security elevated the pants suite threat level to orange? Could have used her with Will and CC on the Big Fix as a human cone zone. How about Bill saying “I love you” during her speech. Just like M. Rooney
    playing a bucktoothed, Japanese landlord — we all saw it but didn’t buy it.

    Look forward to your upcoming comments when you take in the Republicans in Minnesota next week.

    Comment by Gus Turdlock — 8.27.2008 @ 12:38 pm

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