Vote Early, Vote Often

A couple of good Capitol eggs want to be elected delegates to the Democratic National Convention from Sacramento Fifth Congressional District. 

Karen Skelton, a former Bill Clinton and Al Gore staffer now with Dewey Square and Steve Maviglio, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez’s communications director, are trolling for votes. 

The election is this Sunday at the Sacramento Public Library on 8th and I at 2 p.m. It takes five minutes to vote, they assure potential supporters. 

California’s Democratic delegates are parceled out based on how well the two Democratic contenders did in each of California’s 53 congressional districts. The 5th district is sending five delegates – three for Obama and two for Clinton. Skelton and Maviglio want to be the two Clinton delegates. 

“After working in every presidential election since 1984 – that’s Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Clinton – the political junkie ion me cannot imagine missing this most historic Democratic National Convention,” said Skelton in her e-mailed pitch to voters. “Either way, we’ll make history.” 

Skelton’s endorsement of Maviglio: “He’s popular, has name recognition, is a smart Italian gentleman with a wicked sense of humor, teaches at Sac State and looks like my perfect match in the American Gothic photo we sent earlier.” 

Skelton said she is bringing her 10-yar-old daughter Frances, who has gracefully volunteered to send California’s Capitol two exclusive emails describing the convention through her eyes. The youngest blogger on the site so far and therefore the most insightful, one suspects. 

Maviglio, who is also the co-publisher of the California Majority Report, first met Clinton in 1991 when she was campaigning for her husband in Maviglio’s native New Hampshire where he was a former state lawmaker. 

“I worked in the White House during the impeachment trial of the president,” said Skelton of why she admires Hilary Clinton. “I was at work the day Hilary walked onto the South Lawn with Chelsea between her and her philandering husband. 

“Hilary had just learned of her husband’s lie and had been humiliated in front of the world. Yet, on this personally devastating day, she put her country first, her personal drama second.” 

The 5th Congressional District is represented by Doris Matsui and takes in downtown Sacramento, Land Park south to Florin and the eastern side of the American River to Rancho Cordova. 

Find out more at: http://KarenandSteven4delegate08@gmail.com



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  1. they are both great. Wish I lived in the 5th so I could vote for them. those of us in the burbs wish we lived there for other reasons too. Would love a democratic rep

    Comment by barbara oc — 4.11.2008 @ 10:24 am

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