The Assembly and Senate’s Star-Crossed Calendars

For the first time in nearly 50 years, the Assembly and the Senate have different calendars.

Separate calendars don’t seem remotely like either calamity or catastrophe but in the insular world of the state Capitol, seemingly small stuff – like summer vacation or lack thereof — often becomes A VERY BIG DEAL.    Read more »


What Makes the Golden State So Golden

What Makes the Golden State So Golden

Politics on Tap Explores California’s Heritage with Nancy Lenoil,  California’s Chief Archivist, and Dori Moorehead, Executive Director of the California Museum    Read more »



Full Frontal Identity

California Legislators Race to Play Catch-Up with Internet Privacy Concerns—and Consumers’ Evolving Online Habits

By Greg Lucas 

Sacramento News & Review, April 18, 2013 — Big Brother has been watching since 1949 when George Orwell’s book 1984 was published. He keeps getting better at it.

Orwell’s dystopia is bereft of privacy.    Read more »



Hard to Spend It All in One Place — Or Is It?

(The Legislative Analyst said April 26  that despite an uncharacteristic month of income tax collections, the state will likely end April with $4.5 billion more in revenues than predicted in the budget GOv. Jerry Brown introduced in January.

“Our best estimate is that the state will end April with (personal income tax) collections for the fiscal year to date … somewhere around $4.5 billion ahead of the administration’s estimates.    Read more »





Adjective: “True as proved by demonstration. Incontestable because it has been shown to be true or proved that it can be shown to be true.”

Used in a Sentence: “That the worst offenders are kept behind bars where they belong as a result of these sentencing guidelines is apodeictic.”


     Read more »



From a Subscriber: The Modern Church Service


PASTOR: “Praise the Lord!” 

CONGREGATION: “Hallelujah!” 

PASTOR: “Can we please turn on our tablet, PC, iPad, smart phone and Kindle Bibles to 1 Corinthians 13:13. And please switch on your Bluetooth to download the sermon.” 


PASTOR: “Now, Let us pray committing this week into God’s hands. Open your apps, BBM, Twitter and Facebook — and chat with God.” 


PASTOR: “As we take our Sunday tithes and offerings, please have your credit and debit cards ready.     Read more »



California’s Revenue Cup Continues to Runneth Over

Net state income tax collections for April climbed to $10.1 billion through April 18 — $1.5 billion more than needed for the $138 billion budget proposed by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown to remain in balance.

Brown’s January budget plan called for the state to receive $13.3 billion in net income tax receipts in April but because of nearly $5 billion more than expected in January tax payments, only $8.5 billion was necessary in April to stay on target.    Read more »



The Rest Is Gravy — April Tax Receipts Keep Budget Balanced


The Franchise Tax Board reported another $2.9 billion in state income tax payments on April 17 bringing the month’s total net receipts to nearly $9 billion.

That’s very good news for state budget writers because it means – at a minimum — Gov. Jerry Brown’s January budget plan remains balanced.

“With month-to-date (state income tax) collections, net of refunds, now approaching the $9 billion mark, California has surpassed the $8.5 billion total for the month that was necessary to remain on track with the administration’s most recent revenue estimates,” the Legislative Analyst writes on its website.    Read more »



The Difference a Day Makes — About $2.8 Billion

California logged more than $2.8 billion in state income tax receipts on April 16 pushing month-to-date collections close to $7.5 billion – less than half way to April’s ’s estimated $16 billion total.

Through April 15th, income tax collections were just over $4.7 billion in withholding by employers and estimated payments by individuals.    Read more »



California Unlikely to Collect Expected $16 Billion in April Tax Receipts — And No One Cares

A record $16 billion in income tax revenue will flow into state coffers during April, according to predictions in Gov. Jerry Brown’s January budget plan.

About $5 billion of that $16 billion comes from higher taxes approved by voters in November through Proposition 30 — $4.5 billion in taxes owed for 2012 and $500 million in estimated payments for what’s due next April.    Read more »