Proof of Insurance Through Smartphones OK Under New Law

California drivers will have the option to present proof of  insurance in electronic form under a bill signed September 7 by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The bill — AB 1708 by Asssemblyman Mike Gatto, a Los Angeles Democrat — allows auto insurers to issue  proof of insurance  in electronic form, if  a policy holder requests it.

Law enforcement officials are also told under the bill that the electronic insurance document is just as valid as a paper version and can be sued to demonsrate proof of insurance during a traffic stop or after an accident.

 “(This) is a real win-win for consumers and auto insurance providers,” said Gatto in a statemnet after Brown’s signature on the bill. “This (makes) people’s lives easier by embracing technology in order to eliminate one of life’s small hassles — and it brings laws dealing with possessing and presenting proof of auto insurance into the electronic age.”

Gatto’s bill also says that a peace officer can’t examine other content on a “mobile electronic device” other than the proof of insurance.





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