State Parks Director Resigns

Here’s the Sacramento Bee‘s acount.

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  1. Save Our State Parks from State Parks? Seriously…… Too many people put too much work into that campaign to now find out that a few state workers had siphoned off a nest egg to protect their vacation buyouts.

    Comment by Kassy Perry — 7.20.2012 @ 1:09 pm

  2. Disgraceful. Brown’s tax initiatve is now dead in the water.

    Comment by Teala Schaff — 7.20.2012 @ 1:40 pm

  3. I have said for YEARS that the REAL fiscal problem in California – and in the nation – is WASTE and FRAUD. I ran for office on this and campaign finance reform. Thud!

    Most people will say this is a “simplistic” and “uninformed” opinion. I think not. “Two different accounting methods?””I knew noting about it?”. BULL! Anyone remember the missing billions in Iraq? Anyone think about the self-serving self-enriching clauses slipped into Federal legislation? Anyone have a moment to reflect on the obscene amount of cash that is being expended on political campaigns? Anyone disturbed about the special interests who spend billions to influence government programs and policy – to the clear benefit of a select few – never mind that these results are so clearly AGAINST every dream of those who slave and toil and sacrifice for this country and what it allegedly stands for?

    I sat in an ARB business meeting one day in advance of a hearing. In this meeting the then Ex. Dir. stated that the “good news was that the department was under-budget and the ‘bad’ news (chuckle, chuckle) was that they were going to have to scramble to figure out how to spend it before the end of the fiscal year. THAT is the culture, and has been for a long time.

    So much for the Mr. Schwartznegger’s CRP and blowing up of boxes! Gee, do you really think this garbage will ENHANCE the public’s perception of government and the state or Federal legislatures? The unfortunate truth is that the public is just giving up on these guys and giving up on the system – can anyone blame them?

    Comment by Sandy Carey — 7.21.2012 @ 8:06 am

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