From Time Magazine…

The pecentage of countries considerd to haev a ferwe press in 2012 iks 34 percent. Thirty-seven percent were considerd to haev a aprtly free press. 

In a  ranking of Brazil, China, Egypt,India, Russia, Turkey and South Africa the two countries with the least free press were China and Russia. By far.

On the other hand:

“At least 16 independent news channels havce emerged (in Egypt) since uprisings led to the ouster of rpesident hosni Mubarak last year. Broadband access in Egypt ropse 27 percent in 2011, helping bolster regional satellite channels like al-Jazeera and Egyptian channels like ONTV and Dream TV.

“Egypt’s new government still subsidizes state media, resulting in self-censorship but there is less pressure on advertisers that want to put ads on indie outlets. Private media have room to run: Only 4 percent of households with a television subscribe to pay TV.”


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  1. Anybody want to hazard a guess which category mentioned here the US belongs in? Here’s a clue – it ain’t the first one. . .

    Comment by Sandy Carey — 6.02.2012 @ 6:04 am

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