Peter Tateishi — Fixer of the Assembly

Peter Tateishi is a Republican candidate for the 8th Assembly District, which was created in the new redrawing of legislative lines. It includes communities and unincorporated areas northeast and southeast of Sacramento, including Carmichael where Tateishi lives with his wife, Anna Feliz, and daughter Victoria, his campaign website says.

Drivers in the area Tateishi wants to represent can’t help but see a number of lawn signs placed by him and the five other candidates who also seek the seat.

Among them are those for Barbara Ortega, another GOP contender.

The district’s voter breakdown is 40 percent Democrat, 37.5 Republican and 18 percent who are members of no political party. The voters without a party affiliation will be the deciding factor.

Tateishi’s lawn signs are startling.

They don’t deviate from the standard red, white and blue political palette but they make a rather stunning pledge: If elected, Tateishi will “fix the State Assembly.”

Tateishi is the chief of staff of the local Republican Congressman, Dan Lungren, and, no doubt, a swell person. The photograph of Tateishi and his family on his webpage would certainly attest to that.

However, voters should take an extremely skeptical look at anyone who claims they will “fix the Assembly.” Or the Senate. Or Sacramento. Or Congress. Or Washington. 

Putting aside the hubris of such a statement,what needs to be fixed has to be stated before embarking on any discussion of how that condition will be remedied.

Complaints about the operation of state, federal and, often times, local government are legion.

A “fix” — unless it’s a euphemism for neutering — seems a complicated undertaking that would require more than one person’s involvement. Even the neutering of a legislative body requires a bit more manpower than a lone lawmaker.

Additionally, should Tateishi win election, he would be a member of the minority party, which, under almost all circumstances, has their policy objectives,including whatever their idea is for “fixing” the Assembly, quashed by majority Democrats. Such a condition will not change after the November 2012 election with or without a Tateishi victory. 

However, benefit of the doubt, given the obvious space limitations of a lawn sign, the most likely place to seek amplification of this sweeping vow would be the candidate’s website.

The most obvious click for the answer would be “Why Peter Is Running.”

“Join Our Team,” “Make Your Contribution” and “Are You in the Eighth District?” seem far less likely to yield the desired information. 

Tateishi says he is “excited” about representing the people in this new Assembly district.

He notes that he has lived in the area since birth and knows he will represent the district well.

Then he explains his philosophy of government, which at first blush seems a preamble to the sought-after detail backing up his audacious  lawn sign promise.

“My approach to government is quite simple, I want state government to foster an environment that empowers job creators, not cripples them with burdensome regulations and obstacles to success,” Tateishi says. “In my view, raising taxes in this environment is an obstacle to success. While on the park board in Carmichael, I successfully developed new parks without raising taxes or bankrupting the district.

“I’ve worked in government and the private sector and I understand that government should not be in the business of creating winners and losers. It should free the hands of small businesses and not get out of the way.”

(Presumably the “not” is a typo. Given the previous sentence it seems like  Tateishi would want  government to get way out of the way.)

Then he unabashedly admits his love for California and says he wants his infant daughter to “live in a state with personal, educational and professional opportunities.”

And, as a consequence of this desire, he believes he must run for the Assembly.

This is an explanation of how he plans to fix the Assembly?

Through a love of California and a “simple” approach to government?

Even a search of the less likely areas on the webpage yields no helpful information.

The News section says merely that Tateishi is running and the Republican Party endorses him – apparently not based on the specificity of his campaign promises. 

Perhaps Tateishi offers details in his public appearances or when he knocks on doors in Wiltern and Rancho Cordova,  tirelessly explaining what needs to be fixed and how he’ll miraculously single-handedly accomplish what he promises. 

But the only readily available information about his campaign makes the pledge ring hollow.



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  1. Jeez, the guy apparently couldn’t fix Lundgren- how is he gonna fix the Assembly? I suspect he isn’t even aware of what may be wrong with the Assembly!

    Comment by Sandy Carey — 4.11.2012 @ 8:38 pm

  2. I think all GOP candidates should have to say if, 1., their campaign materials are being paid for by Karl Rove’s ‘Crossroads,’ and, 2., if they have taken the Grover Norquist ‘pledge.’
    Then we can see if they are willing to address California’s real needs, or if their allegiance is to these other two guys.

    Comment by JoAnn Anglin — 4.11.2012 @ 8:49 pm

  3. I think readers should look at my candidate Barbara Ortega who has years of political experience and understands the workings of Sacramento as well as the Federal govt…………Her experience dates back to the late60’s early 70’s………she gets it but more importantly understands the frustrations of her potential constituants….she’s energized and ready to serve…..she also understands that there is no “quick fix” but will be realistic in how she approaches issues and responds to the concerns of her district.I think everyone should be taking a serious look at her…and that the California Assembly while it would not be changed might certainly have a positive and energetic realistic charge from Barbara Ortega!

    Comment by Sally Murphy — 4.11.2012 @ 10:00 pm

  4. Apparently, Pete has PLENTY of money, judging from the quantity and quality of the junk mail that arrives – daily! – in my mailbox. But there’s NOTHING in there about actual “policies”. His web site is equally bland, with no specifics at all.

    What’s his position on Jerry’s new taxes?

    What’s Pete’s standing with the Tea Party? Dunno…..

    I’ve emailed him several times asking for specifics, but received nothing in return.

    Any Republican who trumpets “Endorsed by the Sacramento Bee!” in his campaign flyers is an idiot. So, THIS big-L Libertarian will decline to vote for somebody who certainly appears very RINO-ish at this point.

    Comment by Ken Mitchell — 5.18.2012 @ 4:41 pm

  5. When I meet a Republican running in California, I regularly ask, “Who is your favorite Democrat and what will you do to work with him/her?”. Peter had no answer to this question and couldn’t or wouldn’t name anyone he was willing to work with. I’m thinking Cooley is the best bet. If Rancho Cordova is solvent in this crazy economy, he may be the best hope for this district.

    Comment by Randi Knott — 5.23.2012 @ 1:49 pm

  6. I agree with your conclusion. Mr. Tateishi is a lightweight who is both too inexperienced to be effective and too willing to go along with the status quo in order to make any sort of meaningful changes.

    He has also run a dishonest and loathsome campaign. His claim not to have raised taxes is simply not true. As a park commissioner, he pushed through tax increases and raised pay for government employees reactively—and has tried to cover it all up. And just recently, he sent a repugnant mailer attacking fellow Assembly candidate Barbara Ortega on a personal level. The disgusting piece really crossed the line of civil discourse and has absolutely nothing to do with Ortega’s credentials or the pressing issues facing the state right now.

    Comment by J.B. Taylor — 6.01.2012 @ 1:37 pm

  7. Mr. Tateishi is trying to fix his election. He and his campaign have resorted to taking down the lawn signs of opponents on the private property of hundreds of their neighbors–many of whom have filed complaints. Tateishi is engaging in a despicable campaign and doesn’t deserve serious consideration for elected office.

    Comment by J.B. Taylor — 6.04.2012 @ 12:47 pm

  8. Is it legal for Mr. Tateishi to receive a federal government paycheck while being a candidate and nominee of a political party (the GOP) running for a state elected office??

    Comment by Jack Parsdki — 7.26.2012 @ 2:13 pm

  9. Tateishi is clearly a party lieutenant whose candidacy is a targeted effort by GOP to fill the ranks of local government seats and seed specific districts with ascending hopefuls who will follow marching orders without question.

    The recent JOBSPac mailer and contribution to Tateishi’s campaign reveal where he truly stands on critical issues and what his marching orders will be. Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Tobacco are the chief contributors of JOBSPac.

    Comment by Donald Childs — 10.14.2012 @ 1:37 pm

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