Capital Improvements Sought at California State Fair Grounds

WHEREAS, The arts, crafts and vocational work of the California schools is of such high quality as to make it a matter of state pride and

WHEREAS, The present Educational building of the State Fair Grounds, Sacramento has become entirely inadequate to house the multitude of exhibits produced and offered for exhibit by the students of the elementary, junior high and senior high schools of our state; and

WHEREAS, The exhibits now offered are crowded through lack of space in a manner inimical to the best interests of their educational value, and

WHEREAS, The heat of the day and the dampness of the night are enervating to health of employees and exhibitors and destructive to woodwork and other exhibits in the large tent annex of said Educational Building; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Elementary Principals’’ Association of California, Northern Section, in annual convention assembled do hereby petition the Legislature of the State of California and the directors of the State Agricultural Society to make such provision as may be necessary toward the erection of a new and larger building for the purpose of exhibiting the arts and crafts and vocational work of the pupils and students of the schools of California. 

(Resolution received by the California Legislature as recorded in the Assembly Journal, January 8, 1929.)

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