All Kinds of Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

In The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman is told, “Plastics.”

For Earth Day, BevMo says, “Cork.”

On April 16, the wine, beer and distilled spirits retailer announced that, starting April 22, its 115 stores will recycle used corks.

Cork has been a “mainstay of wine for more than 400 years,” BevMo says in its press release.

The corks BevMo customers collect and contribute during the one-month the promotion lasts willed be delivered to SOLE, a Vancouver footwear maker who will convert wine-soaked cylinders into flip-flops.

“Stylish” flip-flops, BevMo insists.

The press release is silent as to how the cork is transported to British Columbia.

(A fleet of electric cars? If the company uses more traditional means like diesel trucks, rail car or airfreight, presumably scads of carbon offsets will be purchased.)

“Natural cork is a fitting symbol with which to recognize Earth Day,” says Alan Johnson BevMo’s CEO, noting in the press release that cork is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Somewhat undercutting the press release’s theme, BevMo says in the third paragraph “contrary to popular belief, there is no shortage of cork.”

Cork oaks that have swathes of bark removed to secure future pleasure for enophiles are, in fact, healthier than those that don’t get cut up, the press release informs.

BevMo is coordinating the program with ReCork, a recycler of “natural” cork.

(Is there unnatural cork?)

ReCork, readers are told, is a “point of interaction about the crucial role of cork forests.”

(In providing stoppers for wine bottles?)

ReCork is all about “developing innovative consumer products that use natural cork to replace petroleum based materials.”

A “mobile database” is maintained by ReCork identifying wines by “closure type.”

(The gamay reached closure swiftly but the 2007 Beaujolais required a lengthy period of grief followed by resignation.)

Dutiful BevMo voluntary recycles of “natural” cork can also receive a free wine carrier made of recycled materials and free wine coasters made from “natural” cork.

While supplies last.

But wait, there’s more:

Pairs of “stylish” SOLE flip-flops made of recycled “natural” cork will be given away to 115 “lucky” customers.

(The same number as BevMo’s stores in California and Arizona.)

Just register in any BevMo store or a chance to win.



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