Ryan Gosling and the Apocalypse

“The way I do most of my posts is I think, how can I get someone to press ‘like’ on this?”

      — Mark Stopera, an editor at BuzzFeed, quoted in the Sunday March 25, 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Business Report, which goes on to say:

“At BuzzFeed, Stopera compiles popular articles and lists that people can share on Facebook by clicking a ‘like’ button. Things that draw a lot of attention, he says, are beautiful images, happy-looking animals, people reacting stupidly to world events on Twitter, numerical lists, funny auto-corrects, Ryan Gosling, corgis, outlandish Florida articles and the apocalypse.”



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  1. Maybe it’s just because it’s so late, but this REALLY made me laugh!

    Comment by JoAnn Anglin — 3.27.2012 @ 11:01 pm

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