“…Twisted By Those Who Would Use His Name for Their Own Political Gain.”

(Editor’s Note: Donnelly is a Republican from Hesperia. He was detained and cited at Ontario International Airport on January 4  for trying to board a plane with a loaded gun in his carry-on luggage.)



  1. Assemblymember Donnelly is probably quite right about his criticism of other Members’ use of Dr. King for their own political purposes. Congratulations (of sorts) on his being so perfectly in lock-step with the colleagues he so eloquently criticizes.

    Comment by John McKibben — 1.17.2012 @ 5:33 pm

  2. Whatever you think of the content, Donnelly has hired one outstanding writer to put this together. It is extremely creative and well-written.

    The problem is, he fails to recognize that without the help of the federal government that he so despises, minorities in this country would have never made the progress they have. Maybe he’s not old enough to remember the Klan marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation’s capital, or Governor Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door, or Bull Conner and his fire hoses in Birmingham.
    Who does he think defeated these people: Wall Street?

    Maybe he forgets that it took a Voting Rights Act, a Civil Rights Act, and other strong government support to move African Americans and Hispanics toward equality in America. Without this, how does he think African Americans in the South would have won the right to vote: The Chamber of Commerce? (Ironically, it is Donnelly’s party that is using new voter suppression laws to take away this right for many older blacks who do not have drivers’ licenses or other photo i.d.)

    Donnelly was correct that Dr. King was not owned by any one political party. For example, he was strongly against President Johnson’s conduct of the War in Vietnam, as he would certainly been against President Bush’s War in Iraq. But to say he would have turned his back on the poor and the sick and the marginalized who need the support of society to have any chance of equality is absurd.

    Comment by StevefromSacto — 1.17.2012 @ 6:10 pm

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