Tribe Sponsored Bill to Overrule Local Land Use Decisions on Landfill Goes to Governor


A landfill project opposed by a casino-operating San Diego Indian tribe would be prohibited under legislation sent to Gov. Jerry Brown by the Legislature August 31.

The fight over siting the landfill has lasted more than 17 years, spawned the most expensive county ballot measure in San Diego history and sparked numerous legal tussles, several of which reached the state Supreme Court.    Read more »



Not Much Time or Taxpayer Dough Wasted But 117 Days Late?

Approved August 30 by California lawmakers, on the eight day prior to the Legislature hanging up its cleats until 2012, was a resolution urging Californians to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo, which oddly enough occurs on the 5th day of May, is the “historic day to honor the valiant spirit of the brave Mexicanos who defended the town of Puebla against the French invaders” and “honor the Mexican Americans of today who have fought, died and lived to protect the freedom of the United States.”

Just because the resolution wasn’t approved four months ago, prior to Cinco de Mayo, doesn’t mean it has no relevance.    Read more »



A June Capitol Weekly “Politics on Tap” with the Incomparable Beth Miller, Communications Maven; Andrew Acosta, Political Consultant, and Rusty Areias, former Lawmaker Turned Public Affairs Strategist        Read more »



Today’s Latin Lesson Is, Sadly, All Too True


Fugaces Labuntur Anni

 “The Fleeting Years Glide By.”


     Read more »



Another Word That Deserves a Revival: “Gobslotch”


“A greedy, clownish person … apt to gobble his food.”

–-William Holloway’s Dictionary of Provincialisms, 1838    Read more »



Today’s Latin Lesson Is How The Press Corps Covers the Capitol


Verbatim et Literatim et Punctatin

“With the Utmost Accuracy.”

(Literally: “Word for Word and Letter for Letter and Point for Point.”)

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Like Paragraph Two Says: California’s Teachers and Students Are Succeeding — At Least as Measured By Test Results


2010–11 California High School Exit Examination Results Released

SACRAMENTO — Nearly 95 percent of students from the Class of 2011 passed the California High School Exit Examination and tests administered over the last school year also showed improvement among the state’s African American and Hispanic students, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson announced August 24.    Read more »




California Has a State Veterinarian. (Who knew?) She is Dr. Annette Whiteford, DVM, Director of Animal Health and Food Safety Services at the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Not Surprisingly, She Discusses Food Safety.    Read more »



Seems Like News Would Be Commending Rather Than Combating Underage Drinking



August 22, 2011

Corbett Resolution Targeting Underage Drinking Passes Assembly

SACRAMENTO – A resolution authored by Senate Majority Leader Ellen M. Corbett (D-San Leandro) urging the governor to make it a priority to prevent underage use of alcohol passed the Assembly today on a unanimous vote.    Read more »



It’s Just a Legislative Letter But the Content Is Concerning

Among the measures approved August 22 as the Legislature hurries to complete its work before it adjourns for 2011 on September 9 was a resolution encouraging President Obama and Congress to keep sending federal dollars to “increase the supply of physicians in California.”

In particular the resolution, which has no force of law, seeks to improve access to care for “Californians in rural areas and members of underrepresented ethnic groups.”

Doing that requires more doctors.    Read more »