Presidential Primary Moves from February Back to June

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation June 29 to end California’s experiment with a February presidential primary.

Adding the third election in 2008  — an attempt to give California more clout in the selection of a presidential candidate — cost more than $96 million.

Said the bill’s author, Assemblyman Paul Fong, a Mountain View Democrat:

“Current law is out of compliance with national party rules and requires California to hold three separate statewide elections in 2012, imposing a huge cost on the state and local governments at a time when our fiscal situation is in crisis.  Eliminating the state’s stand-alone presidential primary election and consolidating it with other statewide elections will save millions of dollars, increase voter turnout and ensure that California’s primary is held in accordance with national party rules.”

It also returns California to being a giant campaign contribution ATM  for presidential candidates – although it remained largely that even with the February primary.

The bill is AB 80.





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