There Are Other Options Than Just Democrat, Republican and Decline-to-State

Among the 16 political parties vying for a spot on the 2012 ballot is the  “We Like Women” Party.” What candidate, male or female, could possibly find themselves opposed to the party’s central tenet? Indeed, as the website says: “We Are Proud to Like Women! And if they do not like women, they are the enemy!” (Who “they” are isn’t specified.)

Little has changed in the party’s platform since the March 10, 2010 exclusive by California’s Capitol. The party’s founder, Mahgum Eric Thorsen, continues to offer his insights through YouTube videos and continues to do anything necessary to get millions and billions to join.

This is the identical pledge he made last year and, to date, he apparently has neither gotten 1 percent of those who voted in the 2010 gubernatorial election – some 103,000 persons — to register as “We Like Women” party members nor succeeded in winning more than 1 million signatures from other voters to place WLW on the ballot.

Among the party’s goals are legalizing flying cars and ensuring women are “superrich” – a boon to the small but growing number of trophy husband wanna-bes.

The website says the party is “currently asking all men and women to vote Republican because we feel that the Republican Party is much more likely to support our ‘We Like Women’ policies.”

However, the “Republican Party has no affiliation with the ‘We Like Women’ Political Party. We are just expressing our free speech political opinion in asking that you vote Republican.

“Many talk shows and media shows have opinions about politicians and it is perfectly legal to give free speech political opinions about political parties!”

Among his YouTube manifestos, Thorsen proposes a boycott of Chinese products in part because of their religious intolerance and eating of dogs and cats.

Thorsen strongly advocates the use of neuroscience to ensure the citizenry like women even better than they do already. He explicates his views here.

Oddly, he also like lawyers.

Another group seeking a spot on the ballot is the Twelve Visions Party Of California, which says its aim is to “make the world a better place.” (Nowhere to go but up.) The party wants to “make all people rich including the poor.”

Their core philospphy is expressed in the three articles to the left.

The party also refers to its membership as “Visionaries” ad, in its recently resubmitted platform, discusses its idea of a spending plan:

“Imagine all taxpayers’ dollars and government’s efforts going toward protection, which includes protection-only legislation, police, courts, and prisons. Crime would decrease dramatically. Taxes would decrease dramatically. The geniuses of society, without the bogus government-on-the- offense holding them back, would cause our wealth and health to soar”

The party notes that it’s “national platform gives a better understanding of the unprecedented wealth that will result from the Protection-Only Budget and its government-on-the-defense.”




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