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As is so often the case, the chief correspondent of California’s Capitol finds himself in error.

Recently, he was gabbling about how “cool” — to use his routinely inarticulate language — it was to become a friend of former Gov. George Deukmejian on Facebook.

Among the elements comprising this “coolness” were that the former GOP governor is 83 years old but hip enough to use social media and that thisFacebook presence was somehow illustrative of  Deukmejian’s deeply relaxed attitude, engendered partly by excising what he calls the last frustration in his life  — golf.

However, had the chief correspondent dug a bit deeper he would have learned from very reliable sources that when told by a friend how surprised he was to see the former GOP governor had a Facebook page, Deukmejian expressed equal surprise.

Should the operator of the page seek  funds for a re-election bid or charity, be advised accordingly.

In what has become tedious repetition, a letter of reprimand enters what is now Volume II of the chief correspondent’s employment file.



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