Four New Voluntary Check-Offs on State Tax Forms — Including Supporting the Arts

For those Californians still ciphering their taxes – and who might get a refund – the state offers 15 options to help a variety of causes.

Among the four new tax check-offs to be found on Page 3 of the Franchise Tax Board’s Form 540 is the California Arts Council.

The Arts Council is included in the 2010 “Voluntary Contribution” portion of state tax returns as a result of 2009 legislation, SB 1076 by Sen. Curren Price, an Inglewood Democrat.

Checkoffs are limited by law to 15 on the tax form.

The Arts Council had to wait until other check-offs expired or were removed because the minimum level of contributions required to remain wasn’t met.

The tax board logs the amount contributed to current check-offs and maintains a list of those that have expired or been repealed.

For example, the California Military Family relief Fund needed contributions of $279,374 to remain on the form. It received $202,010 and lost its place.

So did the ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease Research Fund. It needed contributions of $250,000 to keep its place and received only $114,051.

Also, dropping off the form is research into ovarian cancer and the Municipal Shelter Spay-Neuter Fund, which received $194,462 of the $250,000 it needed to remain.

That made room for the Arts Council as well as check-offs benefiting the California Police Activities League, California Veterans Homes and publicizing the ability of new parents to safely surrender unwanted infants.

“The California Arts Council is thrilled to be part of the volunteer tax check-off program,” said Muriel Johnson, the council’s director.

“We are grateful to Senator Price carrying the legislation that allows Californians to directly contribute to the arts through their state tax refunds.”

Created in 1975 by Gov. Jerry Brown in is first term of office, the 11-member council is charged with promoting arts in California.

Its budget has been reduced by some 80 percent since the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2002.



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  1. Sadly, there is no check-off for community theater. It could be called Anton’s checkoff…..

    Comment by Fred Silva — 4.15.2011 @ 8:41 am

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