The First Dog Cometh and, Shortly Thereafter, Goeth Away

(Editor’s Note: The chief correspondent of California’s Capitol was recently inside the Governor’s Office, obtaining a new press credential for which, mercifully, an extensive background report is not required. He files this report:)

Standing in the hallway and chatting with a friend near the Governor’s Press Office – the rooms previously occupied by First Lady Maria Shriver and her staff – an unescorted corgi waddles around a corner from another office.

The deliberative pace and dogged intent to examine the interiors of each office along the corridor, make it instantly clear this is a close encounter with First Canine, Sutter Brown.

Given the gravity of Sutter’s daily responsibilities as First Dog and the same desire for privacy as other celebrities, no attempt through petting or whistling is initiated to deter him from his unknown but doubtless important rounds.

Indeed, the low-slung 7-year-old corgi seems supremely unimpressed by the presence of a stranger in the hallway, deigning only the briefest of pant-leg sniffs to ascertain that the interloper is of no consequence.

And then off Sutter returns from whence he came into view.

Sutter displays none of the more manic behavior of the Buckingham Palace corgis of The King’s Speech or The Queen. In fact, his gait is more reminiscent of that of the late Lou Papan.

Several theories for this are advanced by those contacted by California’s Capitol. The general consensus is that the First Dog is cognizant of the proper decorum befitting the office of California’s chief executive and maintains himself accordingly.

Given that, it seems implict Sutter alerts those responsible when a sojourn to Capitol Park is required rather than saddle the cash-starved general fund with carpet cleaning bills.

Once outside, a higher degree of frisking would be evidenced, the theorists insist.

(Editor’s Note: First, books in the governor’s conference room and now a free range Pembroke. Truly, a new administration.)


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  1. he’s a cool little dude!

    Comment by Treat — 3.28.2011 @ 10:32 pm

  2. If only Jerry was as tenacious and discisive as Sutter. Stopping “Brown-nosing” the GOP, call for a majority vote.

    Comment by Reilleyfam — 3.29.2011 @ 9:06 am

  3. Dogs frequently take on the characteristics of their owners/masters (hate that word). If Sutter is chill, let’s be grateful for what that reflects. In these California’s-almost-over-the-cliff times, thank goodness cool heads and wagging, mindful tails may still prevail.

    Comment by Robyn Boyer — 3.29.2011 @ 12:53 pm

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