The Campaign Site is Up and Debra Bowen Wants More Ideas

If elected to Congress, my top priority will be working to jumpstart our economy. But how do we make sure that happens?

Despite what national Republicans in Washington will tell you, the solution to our current deficit problem isn’t to cut vital services and investments in our future. The best way to balance the nation’s checkbook is to get our economy moving again through job growth and increased economic activity.

We didn’t emerge from the Great Depression by cutting federal spending to the bone. People would have starved! Instead, we put people to work, which got the economy moving again and was the yeast for new growth and prosperity.

Jobs should be a major focus in Washington in the coming weeks as the budget gets discussed, and I want to know what you think — what would you like to see us do to get more people working again?

Click here to share your ideas for investing in our future — let me know where you would like to see us focus our resources!

Yes, we need to be responsible with our budget, and we should always look for opportunities to deliver better service at a lower cost. But cutting Social Security and Planned Parenthood’s preventive health services for women — while keeping the entire defense budget off the table — does not make sense.

For instance, I believe we should make the safest, fastest possible exit from our engagement in Afghanistan, shifting the countless resources we’re spending abroad to invest in our nation’s future.

I would much rather that these resources go towards jumpstarting our economy here at home by:

•               Restoring excellence in our schools and providing quality job training;

•               Developing energy independence via green alternatives;

•               Improving on health care as it is implemented; and

•               Addressing the need for care for the increasing number of seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s and children with autism, diabetes, and other conditions that threaten their independence and quality of life.

These are the sorts of investments that will lead to creating quality jobs here at home, getting people back to work, and bringing our treasuries back into balance.

But as the upcoming budget battle approaches, I want to know what you think — click here to share your ideas for investing in our future!

We will not solve our budget problems by making indiscriminate cuts and throwing more people out of work. And we won’t prepare our children to compete in the global economy of tomorrow by continuing to cut education.

We need to focus first on strengthening our working families and keeping up our investments in education, as now is not the time to just sit back and wait for economic benefits to trickle down.

I believe the best way to do that is to invest here at home, right now. Click here to tell me what you think.

Thanks for supporting our future together.


Debra Bowen

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  1. Is printing this stuff sarcasm or do you really support DB?

    If so, would these count as in-kind contributions?

    Comment by NoOneInParticular — 2.23.2011 @ 9:01 am

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