One Way to Find Which Schwarzenegger Appointees Remain

Here in the early stages of the Brown administration the most reliable method of finding out which Schwarzenegger administration cabinet secretaries are staying, at least for the time being, is to visit the agency websites.

If there is only a photo of Gov. Jerry Brown the smart money says that cabinet secretary is gone.

For example, go to the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, which includes Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol, among other departments.

While the biography of Dale Bonner, the secretary under Schwarzenegger can be found, his photo no longer graces the homepage.

Similarly, homepages with a photo of Brown and an “acting secretary” or “acting director” beneath his visage, suggestthe departure of Schwarengger’s appointee.

The first head of the California Emergency Management Agency, a 2009 blending of the Office of Emergency Services and the Office of Homeland Security,  was Matt Bettenhausen. No photo of Bettenhausen is extant but his undersecretary, Mike Dayton, is now the acting secretary.


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