What Places in California Are Named After Saint Onophrius?

San Onofre State Beach, through which soon-to-be-leaving Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to run a six-lane toll road and San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant both get their name from Saint Onophrius.onuphrius

Onophrius, Humphrey in English, supposedly lived as a hermit in the Egyptian desert for 70 years, dying around 400 AD. The power plant opened 1,568 years after the saint’s death

The story of the life of Onophrius comes down the ages through an account by Paphnutius the Ascetic who also became a saint.

A former monk, Onophrius decided to venture into the desert and become an anchorite – someone who elects to live an ascetic, solitary life of prayer and contemplation.

Onophrius survived on the fruits of a date tree and palm tree growing near his hermitage. He covered himself with his hair and a loincloth woven from leaves. He is the patron saint of weavers.

There is a church in Rome, Sant’Onofrio honoring him. A monastery also bears his name in Jerusalem.


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