Perhaps It Would Have Been Smarter to Give Only $160,000

Dear XXXX, 2010:

What an amazing year for politics. America turned right while California veered left, leaving Democrats in charge of every statewide office and with their highest legislative numbers since the post-Watergate blowout year of 1974. And yet, voters rejected two tax increases on the California ballot while making it more difficult for Democrats to raise taxes disguised as fees.

2010 (sic) also saw my time in elective office come to a close after six years representing the 500,000 people of the 70th Assembly District. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to serve in Sacramento.

Holding office at a time of total liberal domination was often maddening but always rewarding. I was honored to be named the Legislator of the Year by the (Veterans of Foreign Wars), the American Legion and the State Commanders’ Veterans Council, and four other groups.

Our U.S. Senate campaign was a good investment of time and energy as well. I traveled California for 18 months, making more than 360 campaign stops. Most importantly, we shaped the debate, driving our opponents to debate conservative issues. And, due to your help, we raised the fourth-highest amount of money among all Republicans in California through June, $2.5 million, with one of my opponents only out raising us by $100,000.

That we did this with the support of 25,000 people, rather than the special interests, is even more impressive.

I’m considering a number of interesting opportunities right now, with an eye towards continuing to impact public policy. But in the long run, I remain passionately committed to returning our government to its founding principles.

To that end, I expect to run for office in 2012 – what office remains a question.

In the meantime, I have some unfinished business from my prior campaigns. I was in leadership during most of my six years in office. I did everything I could to help elect more conservatives. That’s why I contributed about $200,000 to other candidates. Unfortunately, this left my state campaigns with about $40,000 in debt.

I expected to retire this obligation this year but my U.S. Senate effort took priority and my state campaign debts languished. I know this year-end time isn’t the best time to be asking for help but I need your assistance today to close out my state committees and clear the path for my next run for office in 2012.

Unlike Federal campaigns, corporate donations are acceptable. (Good to know.)

If you have the means, I would appreciate your help.  Click here to make a donation today.

Diane, Jennie, Amy and I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We cherish the support and encouragement you have given us and look  forward to serving you in the future. All the best,

Chuck DeVore

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