More Information On Who Is Buying 11 State Office Buildings

Besides the two principal partners slated to purchase 11 state office buildings – some 7 million square feet – for $2.3 billion, there are an additional nine equity investors involved in the deal.

In assessing the bid of Antarctica Capital Real Estate, an entity formed to bid on the buildings, and Houston-based Hines Interests, the state focused mainly on a simple determination of whether the team of investors was able to come up with the $2.3 billion.

For example, a spokesman for the Department of General Services said the state did not examine any of the nine additional investors with the scrutiny of a recent California’s Capitol post about Capital Pacific Holdings, Inc. one of the nine.

Here are the names of the other eight additional investors linked to information about them culled from a quick Internet search :


Belgravia Capital and its Management Team

Woodmont Capital Partners (No direct hit for Woodmont Capital but Woodmont Real Estate Services seems a likley affiliation.)

Steadfast Companies, their Executive Team and a 2009 news item.


AE Capital Advisers — Access Capital Advisers is the world’s seventh largest infrastructure manager. It’s London office is called AE Capital Advisers Limited. It’s New York office, AE Capital Advisors LLC.

The Linc Group

GreenSpace Developments — The woman/minority owned firm needed to qualif as a bidder on nearly all state contracts.


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