From the Ecclesiastes 1:9 File…

“Major state responsibilities, such as education and criminal justice, require a long planning horizon and a greater level of stability.

“The current budgetary timetable does not provide sufficient time for program review, evaluation and change nor does it allow for long-term planning.

“With a two-year budget, the Legislature will be able to spend more time evaluating program outcomes and effectiveness.

“A two-year budget will also provide the governor and Legislature the ability to take a longer view of the state’s financial needs and to adjust to economic and caseload changes in a more organized manner.

“As a result, cities, counties and schools will be able to do a better job of planning and using state funds.”

(Editor’s Note: A proposed “reform” from California Forward? The Bay Area Council? Nicolas Berggruen’s Think Long Committee for California? One of several constitutional amendments introduced on December 6, at the start of the new legislative session? Page 40 of the Final Report of the California Constitution Revision Commission in 1996.)


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