Guest Post by Cindy McNatt of the Orange County Register

I had a fascinating conversation the other day with a San Juan Capistrano rancher — Annie Haven of the Haven Family Ranch.

Not only does she raise free-range, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free longhorn and Angus cattle, she makes a delightful manure tea that is good for your garden and is as pure as the cattle that produce it.

HavenBrandImages-016-150x150Her tea bag ingredients are sun-dried and don’t smell.

What’s more, manure tea is great for roses, perennials, houseplants and the kitchen garden.

Brew a batch and add to your compost pile to really get it cooking fast.

Each bag makes five gallons and there are three bags to a pack for $12.95.

Visit manuretea.com for details.

(Editor’s Note: Also an excellent means of deterring further visits from meddlesome or irritating neighbors. “Cup of tea for you, dear? Coming right up.”)


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  1. Oh my God I never knew that there were liberal tea baggers. This explains why they have some very crappy ideas some times they have overdosed on manure tea.

    Comment by managementslug — 11.19.2010 @ 11:15 am

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