This Was the Assessment of One Senate Debate Combatant

Dear XXXX,

I just left the St. Mary’s campus in Moraga after my debate with Carly Fiorina. And let me tell you something: I feel great!

Tonight’s debate showed what a clear choice the people of California have in this election.

It’s a choice between someone who’s fighting for jobs, day in and day out, right here in America — versus someone who, when she had her chance, laid off 30,000 employees and shipped jobs overseas.

It’s a choice between someone who’s working hard to see the words “Made in America” again — versus someone who, during her time at HP, stamped “Made in China” and “Made in India” on her products.

On issue after issue — creating jobs, defending a woman’s right to choose, fighting climate change, protecting our beautiful coast, and so many other important issues — the choice couldn’t be clearer.

I feel great about how the debate went tonight because it gave the people of California a chance to see that clear choice for themselves.

I’m proud of my record of more than 1,000 accomplishments for the people of California, including the first federal after school program and improved veterans health care. I look forward to continuing to share my vision for the future with the voters over the next two months.

Before the debate started, knowing that all of you were standing with me gave me such a boost of confidence. Late this afternoon, Rose told me that we had already passed our initial ambitious goal of 10,000 individual donations in today’s “100,000 Strong for Boxer” effort.

Now I’m pleased to report that we’ve already reached a total of 12,000 donations so far today — and over 100,000 total grassroots donors to date! — and there are still two more hours until our midnight deadline. That’s so terrific!

So let’s keep the momentum going — and make our “100,000 Strong for Boxer” effort an even bigger success.

Please make a contribution now, of whatever you can afford.

This has been such an amazing day for our campaign — with tonight’s debate, and with today’s all-day “100,000 Strong for Boxer” online fundraising drive.

Let’s finish the day off strong.

Thank you so much for standing with me, today and every day.

On to victory!

In friendship,

Barbara Boxer,? U.S. Senator



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  1. Anyone who vots for Fiorina has been hittin’ the pipe. Form over substance and in fact, not that great a form. She got fired from HP so now she’s looking for a term contract position.

    Send he on her way folks – she has nothing to offer except to drag this state father right into oblivion…

    Comment by Citizen Sane — 9.02.2010 @ 8:31 pm

  2. Cutting a few jobs to save many is so lost on the cool aid drinking Boxer fans. Folks Boxer has been riding on DiFi’s skirt tails for the entire time she has been in office. Fur bills with her name on them.

    Union folks need to understand that that just like socialist it is a sad day when you run out of other peoples money (sorry for the paraphrase Margaret Thacher). Where is the one for all all for one when senior union members vote to not take a pay cut and forcing younger members off the job.

    We have become such an entitlement society that we will drown in our compassion. Think how more you could do for your self and your family if you paid less in union dues and taxes.

    Comment by managementslug — 9.02.2010 @ 10:19 pm

  3. Every damn thing Babs said she’s worked to provide for us plebs came with a cost in tax dollars.

    It’s pretty easy to spend other people’s money in trying to make yourself look effective… at least until those dollars run out.

    Fiorina’s worth a chance given what we’ve had over these lo so many years.

    Comment by NoOneInParticular — 9.03.2010 @ 8:17 am

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