Somewhat Reminiscent of Chuck Devore’s Solicitation Letters

Dear XXXX,

Over the past 24 hours, thousands of people have watched the Boxer campaign’s first TV ad, and the response has been tremendous!

But to keep our new ad running as far and wide as possible, we’ve set an ambitious goal of raising an extra $200,000 for our media fund before midnight Sunday.

Over the coming weeks, we want to share Barbara Boxer’s record of accomplishment and the clear choice in this race with the millions of Californians who will go to the polls.??Will you help us keep our new ad on the air?

Please contribute $5 or more now, before midnight Sunday — so we can keep our first wave of TV ads running strong next week!

You know that we’re executing a solid campaign plan that will help us reach millions of California voters and let them know about the stark differences in this race.

But here’s something you may not know: Our plan isn’t yet fully funded.

Week by week, we’re constantly adjusting our outreach plan to reach more voters, based on the contributions we raise from friends like you.

Right now, we’re trying to raise an additional $200,000 for our media fund before Sunday to keep our ads running as much as possible, in as much of the state as possible.

Raising $200,000 in six days is a big goal — but time and again, Barbara Boxer’s grassroots supporters have come through.

So if you haven’t given before, this is a great time to join us and make your first donation. Please contribute $5 or more now — and help us raise an additional $200,000 for our media fund before midnight Sunday!

Our right-wing opponents are continuing their attacks every day. To counter them, we need to keep our TV ads running. We just can’t afford to miss the opportunity to get our message out.??But we need your help to stay on the air. Please contribute now.

Thank you,

Rose Kapolczynski, Campaign Manager?Boxer for Senate

P.S. With exactly seven weeks to go until Election Day, we need to reach millions of California voters with our message. But to keep our ads running strong, we need to raise an additional $200,000 for our media fund before Sunday. Can you help? Please contribute $5 or more now!

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