Some Vignettes From Jerry Brown’s Post-Debate Celebration

Unlike GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, Democrat Jerry Brown elected not to enter the “spin room” at UC Davis’ Mondavi Center after their September 28 debate and field a few questions.

Instead, he repaired to Bistro 33 a few blocks away at 3rd and F Streets in downtown Davis where he celebrated with supporters.  Candidate Brown, his wife Anne beside him, sat on the eatery’s patio at the right end of several pushed-together, round tables.

The two shared a salad.

At one point, Candidate Brown helped load up a  server with empty plates to remove from the tables.

The trim 72-year-old attorney general had ditched his coat and tie from the debate and held forth to a ring of supporters around the tables near the bistro’s main entrance while the security detail the state provides to protect him watched impassively.

At least twice, Candidate Brown said that he had run two miles in 19 minutes at the UC Davis gym earlier in the day.

At least twice, he described the gym as luxurious saying once, “I don’t feel sorry for UC Davis students.”

A woman approached to discuss local government issues.

“We need to get rid of local elected officials. There’s too many,” Candidate Brown said, adding that they also get paid too much.

“Do you know how much a Davis City Council member makes?” the woman asked. “Five hundred dollars a month.”

Candidate Brown said he was just kidding and that he wants to give power back to local government.

Someone asked who Candidate Brown wanted to see elected the state’s next superintendent of public isntruction.

“I don’t care,” Candidate Brown replied, adding that he won’t appoint a cabinet secretary for education because “I didn’t have one before.”

A man in a baseball cap snapped Candidate Brown’s photo with a cell phone or Blackberry. The man explained that he wanted to help educate his middle school-aged children about civics and the candidates.

“Sell it on eBay,” Candidate Brown told him.


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