A Budget Before the End of the Fiscal Year’s First Quarter?

“The Governor and Legislative leaders have reached the framework of an agreement, will work through the details over the weekend, and hope to come to a final agreement when they reconvene Monday.”

–Aaron McLear, Gov. Arnodl Schwarzenegger’s press secretary


September 23 is the 85th day of the fiscal year that began July 1. There is no budget in place – the longest such delay in California’s 160-year history.


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  1. So is the shape of the table something resembling Lockyer’s (sage) suggestion that they just do an across-the-board whack of ten percent, lose a few seats over CTA/Union wrath but finally get something resemling a budget?

    Comment by Robyn Boyer — 9.23.2010 @ 4:44 pm

  2. Glory be, the Hummer Bummer is back. Folding like a cheap suit one more time. No pension reform, SEIU gets enough delay to make 25 look good to the voters. John and Ken get to take out another minority leader… Question is: Is it Dennis, Martin or Bob. Also most has a ballad sound.

    Comment by wally webgas — 9.23.2010 @ 5:19 pm

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